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-1G1R+  * [[1g1r|1G1R]]
-1G1R stands for "One Game One ROM". It is used for consoles rom and it means that you get only one file imported per game. 
-Consoles dat often list a lot of regional versions of one game. 
-Let's take an example. In the snes datafile, you get: 
-    Super Mario Kart (Europe) 
-    Super Mario Kart (Japan) clone of "Super Mario Kart (Europe)"​ 
-    Super Mario Kart (USA) clone of "Super Mario Kart (Europe)"​ 
-There is only one game here, with 3 specifics regions versions. If you load that dat as-is in romcenter, you will get one main game (europe), and two clones. 
-Now you probably only want to see one version, the one for your region, and really don't care about the others. 
-The solution is to enable the region filter before importing the datafile and give your regions preferences. 
-For example, set 'USA, Europe and Japan' in this order, and romcenter will only import the game with the best match. Only '​USA'​ version will be imported as '​main'​ super mario game. 
-Note that games not imported won't be known and identified by romcenter. They will appear with grey icon (unknown) and will be removed if you ask for a fix. 
-Not all datafiles are eligible to 1g1r feature, the '​region'​ data must be available with games. 
-Head to for compatible dat and more info. 
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