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How to translate romcenter to your language ?

First, go to the forum and check if your transation is not yet available.

All required files are included in romcenter distribution in “romcenter/languages/template” folder.

:!: Romcenter uses <country>.mo files located in “romcenter/languages/”

Select language

There is no setting to select the language yet. To change the current language in romcenter, go to “romcenter/languages/”, and rename the language you want to <your_country>.mo.

Ex: To use German language in france, save to, and rename to

To use english language (default), rename \languages\ to \languages_bak\.

Prepare environment

Locate <country>.po file and open it

If you want to update an existing <country_code>.po file:

  • Locate it and open it
  • Go to “Catalog/update from pot”
  • Select templatexxx.pot and click 'ok'. This will sync the strings with the latest romcenter release.

If you want to create a new translation:

  • Copy templatexxx.pot to <contry_code>.po (find the country code in the code.txt file)
  • Open <contry_code>.po


  • Fill the missing translations and check the other ones
  • Save the file. This will produce a compiled file (.mo)


  • Copy this .mo in romcenter\languages\<contry_code>.mo (find the country code in the code.txt file)

  • Run romcenter. Strings must now be translated.
  • Verify all forms, menus and messages to see if it's correct.
  • Post the new file in the forum for distribution

Help and support: Forum

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