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Romcenter can load clrmame and Hyperspin datafiles. It also imports datafiles directly from mame.exe.

Consoles, old computers and handhelds datafiles : amiga, snes, nes, nintendo 64, vectrex, megadrive/genesis, comodore 64/plus, vic-20, msx, msx2, colecovision, odyssey/videopac, sega 32x, pc-engine, gba, nds, n-gage, game gear, gizmondo, gameboy, gameboy color, lynx, GP32

All consoles and computer datafiles

FBA, mame

Arcade datafiles: Mame, cps1, cps2, cps3, neogeo, daphne, demul, aae, fba, kawaks, m1, mjolnir, nebula, raine, sega model 2, zinc, cps3 emulator

A tool to filter games: ROMLister

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