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 ====== How to translate romcenter to your language ? ====== ====== How to translate romcenter to your language ? ======
-{{:​translate1.png?200|}}+First, check in romcenter if your transation is not yet available.
-First, [[http://​​forum/​viewforum.php?​f=5|go to the forum]] and check if your transation is not yet available.+====== Translation ======
-All required files are included ​in romcenter distribution ​in "romcenter/​languages/​template" ​folder.+Romcenter strings ​are stored ​in a resource file located ​in romcenter\resx folder. You can edit existing files or create a new one by copying an romcenter.resx and adding your language code.
-:!: Romcenter uses <​country>​.mo files located in "​romcenter/​languages/"​+===== Translating strings =====
-===== Select language =====+With a text editor 
 +With a resource editor: There are several free resx editors. I recommend using the standalone version of (https://​​tom-englert/​ResXResourceManager/​releases). It can do an automatic pre-translation using google translate.  
 +Other tool: Zeta Resource Editor
-There is no setting to select the language yet. To change the current language in romcenter, go to "​romcenter/​languages/",​ and rename the language you want to <​your_country>​.mo.+===== Compiling new translation resources =====
-Ex: To use German language in francesave to, and rename to the translation is doneyou must compile the resx file to a satellite assembly for romcenter ​to use it.
-To use english language ​(default), rename \languages\ to \languages_bak\. +      .resx --(resgen.exe)->​ .resources --(al.exe)-> .dll
-===== Prepare environment =====+
-  * Install [[http://​|poedit (freeware)]]+Commands to generate a satellite assembly from a string resource file:
-===== Locate <​country>​.po file and open it =====+Replace the XX by your language code (see here:​http://​​culture-names/​)
-If you want to update an existing <​country_code>​.po file: +  resgen.exe /useSourcePath /compile romcenter.XX.resx,​RomCenter.Localization.Resx.romcenter.XX.resources
-  * Locate it and open it +
-  * Go to "​Catalog/update from pot" +
-  * Select templatexxx.pot and click '​ok'​This will sync the strings with the latest ​romcenter ​release.+
-If you want to create a new translation: +  al.exe /culture:XX /​out:​RomCenter.Localization.resources.dll /​platform:​AnyCPU /​template:​..\RomCenter.Localization.dll /​embed:​RomCenter.Localization.Resx.romcenter.XX.resources
-  * Copy templatexxx.pot to <​contry_code>​.po (find the country code in the code.txt file) +
-  * Open <​contry_code>​.po+
-{{:​poedit.png?​200|}} +This will generate ​the assembly RomCenter.Localization.dll
-  +
-===== Translate ===== +
-  * Fill the missing translations and check the other ones +
-  * Save the fileThis will produce a compiled file (.mo)+
-===== Test ===== +===== Testing translation ​=====
-  * Copy this .mo in romcenter\languages\<​contry_code>​.mo (find the country code in the code.txt file)+
-{{:​translate2.png?200|}}+  Copy this file into romcenter\XX\ 
 +  Run romcenter 
 +  Go into File/​options and change language     
-  * Run romcenter. Strings must now be translated. + Help and support: [[]]
-  * Verify all forms, menus and messages to see if it's correct. +
-  * Post the new file in the forum for distribution +
- +
- +
- Help and support: [[​forum/​viewforum.php?​f=5|Forum]]+
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